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Garage Build

Garage Build

We don’t just build garages. We create valuable home spaces!

It is never an easy and simple process to design and build a garage. But, you don’t have to worry because our team can make things easier and simpler for you. We are here to turn your dream garage into reality!

What to Expect from Our Garage Build Services?

Our garage build services can give you all the things you need to finish your project right on time according to your budget. 


We begin with the design of your garage using 3D renderings and conceptual drawings. We will make sure that all the ideas you have in your mind will be incorporated to the design of your new garage. We can also come up with a site plan if necessary to check if your home has a suitable location on your property.

Setting the Budget

Our team will work hand in hand with you to come up with a budget that will work best for you so you will have no worries of unexpected expenses from beginning to end. 

Project Planning

We will create a thorough plan for your project and make sure that even the smallest details are accounted for. 

Inspections and Permits 

We acquire all the necessary permit that needed on needed and follow up with inspection.

Finishes and Selections

We will also consider your budget and lifestyle and use it as we guide you choose the right finishes for your garage. 


Once all our team members are informed of your project, they will start working to bring your visions to life while making you aware of the progress in every step of the way. 

Why Choose Us for Building Your Garage?

We take great pride in saying that we don’t just make promises. We make sure to deliver above and beyond our clients’ expectations. 

We guarantee a successful garage build.

It always pays to have an expert garage build company by your side and that is exactly what we are. 

We provide professional project management. 

Our team is made up of professional garage builders who have the skills and knowledge of dealing with resources and managing timelines. We will use your designs and ideas to deliver quality results. 

We have the necessary technical knowledge and trade connections. 

We value the wonderful relationships we have with our suppliers and trade partners and we have extensive understanding of the systems and science involved in building garages. 

A garage is not just part of your home. It is also a part of who you are as a person. This is why we make sure that we build garages that are a reflection of our client’s lifestyle so they can enjoy the space to the fullest! 

Home Additions

Any home needs space. It doesn’t matter if you are living all by yourself or your family is starting to grow, we create home additions where you can play, entertain, relax, and enjoy! 

If your house no longer offers enough space, it will soon start feeling a bit claustrophobic. When this happens, adding more space is your best option. Instead of moving to a new house, there are several tangible benefits you can get with home additions:

  • Complete control over the design 
  • Less expense 
  • No stress from moving
  • Significant increase of your home’s resale value in the future 

Through working with our team, you can stay in the house you love and watch it grow with you in the years to come!

We Create Home Additions of Your Dreams

There are numerous choices when it comes to home additions. During your initial consultation with our dream, we will discuss all your ideas, goals, and visions, and work hand in hand with you to expand your house exactly as you want. 

Where Can You Add New Rooms in Your Home?

We can help you add more space to your home in different ways. 

First, we can build out where we build new rooms at ground level. 

Second, we can build up where we build your new rooms over your existing ones. 

Third, we can build a new unit that is completely detached from your main house. 

Every type of home addition offers its own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, building out will mean less space for the yard. Through building up, on the other hand, you can save your footprint although it may cause more disruptions throughout construction stage. 

Before we begin the planning stage, we will walk you through every aspect meticulously to help you come up with an educated decision.  

You Can Add Different Kinds of Rooms as You Like

Our team can build almost any kind of home additions and it will all depend on your specific needs and requirements. Some of the home additions that we can complete for residents of Aidrie and Calgary, Alberta include:

  • Basement rooms 
  • Children’s playrooms
  • Family rooms
  • Game rooms 
  • Garage apartments 
  • Home offices 
  • Master suites
  • Media rooms
  • Second story rooms
  • Sunrooms 
  • And more! 

Will There Be Limitations to Home Additions?

All forms of construction, particularly when it concerns an already existing home, will always be subject to certain limitations. For instance, the load-bearing qualities and strength of your home’s frame and foundation must be adequate for vertical additions. If not, you might need to reinforce them first at an additional cost. 

The design also needs to factor in the existing wiring and plumbing as well as your lot’s size if you want to build outwards. 

You also need to consider possible disruptions to your everyday life. But, you can have the peace of mind because our team will do the best that we can to minimize these disruptions as much as possible. 

Call us today and let us discuss your options for home additions!

Kitchen Renovations

We renovate kitchens and turn them into amazing living spaces!

More and more homeowners are now transforming their kitchens to their living areas. However, older houses often have kitchens boxed in by walls. With the changing times, kitchens have become open and collaborative areas where all members of the family can have fun in cooking. 

Any kitchen renovation requires the help of our expert team members who will design and build your dream kitchen. We don’t only focus on a single form of remodel. You can trust us to turn your visions into reality! 

Kitchen Designs Done Right 

The kitchen is often the focal point of most homes today. This is why it makes perfect sense that many people want to upgrade their kitchen so they can bond with the whole family while cooking. 

Our company works closely with our clients during a project, starting from the design phase so we will know your exact expectations. We always love seeing our clients smile brightly the moment they set their eyes on their new kitchen and this is what inspires us to always do our best each and every time. 

Quality Kitchen Renovations for All Homeowner

It is all too easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when planning your kitchen renovation project. After all, there are many facets to this single project, from electrical, to plumbing including water lines and gas lines, tile work, carpentry, cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. 

But, when you choose our company, you can be sure that we will handle all these aspects for you, starting from design to the construction stage, to give you a stress-free experience. 

The kitchen renovation project will begin with our team members asking you several questions to determine what you have in mind. We will get to the bottom of your dream design through measuring your existing rooms. During the design process, we will also discuss your preferences for lighting, cabinets, appliances, hardware, and plumbing fixtures so we can get as close as possible to your vision. 

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Renovation Projects?

Our team is made up of expert professionals who are creative, experienced, honest, innovative, and precise who have long years of working in the field. 

If you are still wondering whether you should work with us or not, here are the top reasons to choose our company for your upcoming kitchen renovation:

  • Our designers will let you choose from hundreds of styles and colors of products for you to choose from. 
  • We can customize your cupboards and cabinets to suit your project. 
  • We can make your existing space work better for you. 
  • We use only top quality materials. 
  • We use a design and build method that will help you save money and time. 
  • We have all the skills and experience you can count on. 
  • We unparalleled communication with all our clients throughout the project. 

Let us help you transform your kitchen today. Get started by scheduling a consultation with our team to discuss your renovation!


Asbestos Removal

Office Space Development

We develop office spaces conducive for cozy and comfortable working!

Does it feel like you have already outgrown your current office space and you wish to expand soon? Is your office building a little bit outdated and needs some tweaks to make it more functional and attractive to prospect tenants?

No matter what your reasons might be for office space development in Aidrie and Calgary, Alberta, you can trust our company to carry out the job professionally from beginning to end. 

As your leading office space developers in the area, our expert team offers cost-effective alternatives to brand new office constructions.


Plan Your Office Space Development with the Experts 

Careful planning will always be the key for successful outcomes for your office space development. It is very important that you don’t just assess your existing needs but also your expected needs in the near future. 

Our team of professional office space developers will take time in getting a better understanding of your future and existing functional and space requirements in order to help you come up with the best design for your office to suit your specific needs, budget, and situation. 

For office space renovations where different companies share the same facility, our team can also work to come up with a coordinate plan that will include output from the tenants and building owner who will be affected by the project. 

If needed, we can also clearly outline the obligations and roles of all the involved parties to make things easier and more seamless for everyone. 

Fast and Efficient Completion of Office Space Development

When it is time for you to start with your office space development project, you can trust our team to execute the task in the fastest and most efficient way possible. 

Our team consists of professional project managers, safety coordinators, job site coordinators, and other skilled construction experts who will guarantee that every stage of your renovation will go as seamlessly and smoothly as possible. 

Since we are very much aware the disruptions that an office renovation can cause on the normal operations of a business while work is ongoing, we make extra effort to minimize disruptions. It includes taking the necessary steps to lessen odors and noise and ensure the safety of your visitors and employees. 

We Stay on Budget and on Schedule for Your Office Space Development 

Office space development that drags for months can have a negative impact on the productivity levels of a company. The main reason why our company is among the most reputable office space developers in the area is our ability of completing projects right on time. If inevitable problems arise, our team can quickly remedy them to help prevent potentially expensive delays. 

There is no other contractor in Airdrie and Calgary, Alberta that knows and understands the specific needs of office owners better than we do. 

We will be more than happy to develop the office spaces of your dreams! Get in touch with us today so we can get started on your project soon!

Iterior Painting

Let us work on your painting projects and bring more colours to your life!

As your leading painters in Airdrie and Calgary areas, our team makes sure that you get the best results you expect and deserve. 

Residential and Commercial Painting Services You Can Count On 

When the time comes that you need to repaint your house or place of business, it is a must that you choose to work with a company that you can fully trust in completing your project right on time and according to your set budget. 

Our team takes pride in being able to deliver exactly just that and do even more to guarantee your complete satisfaction with all our commercial and residential painting services. 

There are many good reasons why our company stands out in the area’s industry of professional painting and these include the following:

Our professionalism begins from that first phone call you have with us and ends with a thorough and expert cleanup process. 

We have the patience and craftsmanship to give you the exact results you want. 

We always prioritize your specific needs so we make sure to work with your budget and schedule. 

We rely and exclusively use high quality and premium paints for each of our projects. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large project, our company has the necessary materials, equipment, and expertise to ensure its success. 

Why Choose Us?

There are many good reasons to choose our team for your painting needs and these include the following:

  • Professional process in every step of the way. 
  • Extensive preparation and consultation process. 
  • Painting done right. 
  • Inspection and protection for quality results. 

We Beautify Homes to Make Your Life Better 

Your house is not only your own castle as it also serves as a reflection of all the time, hard work, and effort you spent in turning it into what it is today. When it is time to do some repairs and renovations, you would want to work with a company that will put as much effort and pride into their work as much as you do at yours. Our team is made up of your trusted expert house painters that can transform your Airdrie or Calgary home. 

Topnotch Workmanship for All Projects

Thanks to the long years we have been part of the professional painting industry, we are proud to say that we deliver only top of the line service and workmanship from start to finish. We are with the Better Business Bureau and we carry liability insurance to give you your much deserved peace of mind. 

Our employees have undergone the necessary training and education to help them provide topnotch painting results. All our work is guaranteed to provide 100% customer

satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if you just have a small painting project such as a retouch of your bathroom or something bigger like painting the entire exterior of your home, you can be sure that we will meet and even exceed your expectations. 

Cutting corners is never recommended when it comes to painting. Call us today and book your appointment! 


Our Guarantee

5 years Workmanship warranty 

You’ll find the entire process seamless and enjoyable

We are diligent, reliable, and proficient

No deposit or down payment

About Us

We are your leading renovation, construction, and restoration company that builds peace of mind for all our clients!

We take pride in following a new approach for the somewhat old industry. Our company has been established with the goal of creating the most excellent values-based company in Airdrie and Calgary, Alberta. We bring the ultimate peace of mind to your overall restoration, renovation, and construction experience.  

Our Core Values 

Our service and relationships are guided by the following core values:


We firmly believe that effective communication is vital to the success of any project and this is an inherent aspect of the overall experience of our clients. Successful communication is possible through complete understanding of the expectations and vision of every client. 


Craftsmanship is all about quality and quality begins with the unwavering commitment and dedication to high standards of finish and fit, whatever the price or material might be. There are no exceptions to this. Our company consistently and constantly provides our clients with their expected craftsmanship to create excellent living spaces for day to day life.  


Our team always shows utmost respect to our tradespeople, clients, and all people we deal with during the project. This respectfulness is what helps us achieve the highest standard of communication, craftsmanship, and service. Respect is an integral aspect of our company culture that is woven into the things we stand for and who we are as a whole. 


Our company believes that excellent service involves identification and providing solutions to our clients according to their specific lifestyle and needs. For us, service is about sticking to the plan while paying close attention to even the smallest details from beginning to end. 

Our Vision

To design, renovate, restore, and construct experiences that make sure that families will always choose our services, clients will refer us to their own circles, craftspeople and trades people will want to partner and work with us, suppliers will recommend us, building authorities will respect us, and our competitors will look up to us. 

Our Mission

To come up with rewarding and positive restoration, renovation, and construction experiences for all our clients, partners, and employees in Airdrie and Calgary areas through living by our values and providing outstanding work each and every time. 

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why we continue to be the number one choice of our valued clients:

  • Available to begin a project at any given time 
  • We use a system that lets us efficiently optimize and forecast our available resources. Thanks to this, you can count on us to start working on any size of project at any given time while sticking to schedule and maintaining quality. 
  • High value process and time-tested experience.

We are your one-stop shop with the expertise and knowledge in an extensive array of specializations in offering renovation, restoration, and construction services. Our experienced team designs the most efficient structures and they always stay updated with the latest solutions to help customers have the best experience and results possible. 

Call us today and let us know how we can help you! 

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